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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Physicists found their Higgs particle: Ufologists found their ???

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In the world of the paranormal and ufology, there are lots of misses and no hits, none at all: no ghosts, no Big Foot, no Loch Ness monster, not one UFO or even a bona fide photograph of one, nada.

Meanwhile scientists, especially physicists, have captured something more elusive than a UFO – the Higgs boson.

The Higgs particle was conjectured, predicted by creative, brilliant speculation, deduced from an examination of the quantum milieu, and nothing more.

Science is wonderful – psychotic at its roots (about which I will present, upcoming, some supporting comments for thinking so) – and able to conjure truths, often from nothing more than intuitive insight by persons who pursue hypotheses and theories doggedly.

Meanwhile there has been and continues to be a UFO milieu, funky, but more tangible than the quantum “reality” from which the Higgs was garnered, and nothing has come forth of value, at all, from “study” and hypotheses or limp insights of that UFO milieu.

UFOs or flying saucers have been with us, allegedly, since 1947, and before.

The Higgs was only suggested in 1960, thirteen years later than the initial spate of flying disks appeared.

Yet, the Higgs has been verified and flying saucers, UFOs, not at all – nary a scintilla of verification, nothing tangible or even semi-tangible, just a canon of witness (or witless) accounts.

Why is this?

Are UFOs more elusive than quantum particles, more evanescent?

Or are those who’ve been on the trail of flying saucers or UFOs not as skilled at coping with something as mysterious or baffling as UFOs (or those other paranormal things named above)?

There are data from or about UFOs that make quantum particle data look like a primer for simpletons.

Yet, no UFO datum has produced one iota of substance from which a person might come to a probability or theory that proves UFOs actually exist.

There are reports, as UFO skeptics acknowledge, but nothing more – nothing substantive, nothing to grab hold of, nothing to indicate that UFOs are real phenomena.

Where is the Peter Higgs of “ufology”?