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Monday, April 03, 2017

What would extraterrestrials want with or from the Earth?

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If aliens from an advanced culture or civilization are visiting this planet, in droves, as UFO data indicate, why?

Does Earth have something that a supposedly gazillion other planets in the galaxy or, certainly, the universe doesn’t?

All the elements, chemistries, and exotic materials, including water, abound in outer space scientists tell us.

So what keeps ETs reconnoitering our planet?

Could it be the diverse flora or fauna, and especially we humans?

That seems unlikely, as science tells us, or tries to, that diverse life and sentient beings are plentiful in the cosmos; that’s why science, in its many forms, is seeking life elsewhere.

And Earth is so remote – such a backwater – in the great scheme of the cosmos, why is it, according to acolytes of the ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis), the place of places for alien visitors?

Earth is special for we inhabitants, a unique repository for grand human creativity and effort. (Those who are attuned to the humanities can cite all the great works that are part of the human oeuvre.)

But what alien culture could appreciate Michelangelo, Beethoven, or Shakespeare et al.?

Even highly sentient, brilliant, advanced beings could never fathom anything created by mankind except, maybe, its edifices.

Even human behavior would be a constant mystery, something even humans don’t fully understand.

And the behavior of animal, even plants, would be baffling to visitors from worlds elsewhere in space and time.

Don’t give me the nuclear explanation. Atomic power is primitive and would be to beings that are able to traverse the cosmic void to come here.

I can’t, for the life of me, think of any reason that ETs would come here, and in the numbers that UFO reporting seems to indicate.

Nope. We are not being examined or spied upon by advanced sentient beings flying about, willy-nilly in craft we call UFOs.


Old dogs and, of course, no new tricks

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Time magazine for April 10, 2017, had, on Pages 52/53, thirty-six popular podcasts that its readers might find interesting. No paranormal or UFO podcasts were listed.

(A while back I said that podcasts were passé or dying. I was wrong as usual. Even a few news media people I know quit their jobs to do podcasts full time.)

So why aren’t UFO or fringe podcasts getting noticed?

Well, they are pretty much amateurish and full of quirky, offputting sounds pretending to be music, and the guests are usually not about to talk eloquently or sensibly, as I noted recently in my post about a Greg Bishop Radio Misterioso guest.

But then podcasts geared to UFO buffs or Forteans have nothing new to offer, just rehashes of old stuff that the podcast audience has heard or read about ad nauseum.

I, too, post a lot of stuff about old UFO sightings or events, but I try to, at least, offer a new slant or take on those old sightings.

My pal Kevin Randle resparked the Chiles-Whitted cigar-shaped UFO or bolide encounter the other day.

Kevin, too, tries to approach old, iconic UFO events with a fresh take but his followers and readers always, and I mean always, hark back to the old arguments that have been sliced and diced, over and over again, none coming up with new ideas or interpretations.

The commentary is bogged down as if surfeited with molasses from eons ago.

This is the problem with ufology, one of the problems: no one (or few) are looking at the old cases or new cases with fresh eyes or ideas.

And if you look at the list of the popular Time magazine podcasts, you’ll see that they offer new meat to old ideas or something totally fresh.

Ufology is just too entrenched with senile geezers or madmen (and madwomen) who think their encrusted commentary is grist for hearing or reading. It isn’t.

The UFO phenomenon is slathered with geezer goo or the machinations of mad minds, smothering or absorbing the tired topic, as the “alien” in Alien did to the crew of the USCSS Nostromo.

The image above comes from UrbanDharma.org