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Friday, March 10, 2017


An entertaining look at optical illusions (from my Facebook feed):

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No Renascence in Ufology

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Image from Elaina Davidson at a terrific blog http://elainajdavidson.blogspot.com/

I get lots of cooking/menu alerts, and notice that cooks and chefs are trying to revitalize or alter food items by adding odd, esoteric flavors, spices, and new ingredients to bring life to old staples we have become accustom to eating.

Ufology is sort of like that: persons writing about UFOs, me included, keep trying to revitalize the old tales (Roswell, Socorro, Kecksburg, Rendlesham, and all the old hoary UFO chestnuts).

But it’s not working. Ufology is fraught with moth balls and is moribund.

There’s nothing we can write or trot out with “new clothes” that can bring Ufology and UFOs back to life.

And alleged new sightings leave much to be desired when laid side-by-side with the iconic has-been sightings.

Adding a spicy tidbit to an old report doesn’t bring a revelation.

Trying to impose a new explanation for the defunct phenomenon doesn’t work either.

No one really cares, although there is a patina of interest, like those remembrances by friends and family at funerals.

I’m cleaning the cobwebs from my time(s) with UFOs, and I see others doing the same but pretending that UFOs matter, when they clearly do not.

How long can this folly, this madness go on?