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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Odd entities in the lands of the Midnight Sun

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The July 1977 issue of Official UFO (pictured here) had several interesting articles.
One, The Scandinavian Connection by Rick Barr (Page 16 ff.) had several encounter tales, and a few photos (Early 1970s):
One UFO encounter that took place in late October 1959 took place, during a power failure, at 6:55 p.m.

An electrical fitter, Gideon Johansson and his son Rolf, out to check the cause of the blackout, saw a “blinding white light” they thought was “an airplane about to crash.” [Page 50 of magazine]

But “the object suddenly stopped dead in the sky” … and “slowly descended, rocked three times … and crashed into the top of a maple tree. The witnesses heard a ‘crackling’ sound and the craft descended through the branches to a point about two feet above the street.”

It rocked “like a small boat on a swell.”

It was about “12 feet long and eight feet high … oval shaped and seemed to made of metal resembling armor-plating.” [ibid]

The two men saw “an unusual, white light, very compact … shining through what appeared to be a large glass window., and inside were two strange individuals. Their heads were high-crowned, and they had big, very beautiful [sic] eyes; they seemed to be friendly. Their noses were long and thin with small nostrils, they had small mouths and pointed chins, with small lower jaws.”

“The UFOnauts wore white uniforms with wide back belts across their chests and shoulders … one of the entities loosened his belt and appeared to work on something below the level of the window. The other being stared at [the two witnesses]. [One of the observers] “received a mental impression of the interior of the object. As a result of this he was able to see that the first being seemed to be repairing the windings of a barrel-shaped device which emitted the intense white light that shone through the craft’s window …”

“Seconds later the entity finished his work and the object began to move away.”

One of the witnesses “followed it up the street … [until] “it stopped, the light went out, and it disappeared in a flash … The machine disappeared like a ghost in the night.” [ibid]

“The craft left several traces of its visit … a glassy deposit [of about] 11 feet was discovered on the power lines. A gray-white substance had apparently been sprinkled on top of the [glassy] deposit … [and] the craft had damaged the maple tree [which in] the following spring … looked like it had been injured by frost, and there were no budding leaves.” [ibid]

Gideon Johansson ended up with a “variety of ills” – “terrible prickling pains from the waist downwards [and] he became extremely nervous … unable to sleep, and he lost his appetite. His glands and testicles became sore and swollen. He had trouble urinating and his body began to ‘smell like something putrid.’ He finally consulted a doctor, who made “some strange comments’ and prescribed a sedative [sic].” [ibid]

Another encounter, on Page 50, from April 1967, told of two young boys in the Sjellands Ode area of Denmark, who saw a dark object drop several lumps into the Kattegut Strait.

The object moved toward the boys and lowered … a box on the end of a cable. Then, eight small beings, each carrying ‘an electric torch with a light at both ends’ emerged through a hole in the bottom of he craft. Each of the entities had a container on his back from which a tube led to this [sic] mouth. They seemed to be friendly, smiling and waving with quick horizontal hand movements.”

“After a short time the beings reentered the hovering UFO, which flew off with a soft humming sound.” [ibid]

“Danish authorities recovered the ‘lumps’ and sent them to a technological institute for analysis … the lumps containing several substances … unknown to them.” [ibid]

Both reports, as told by the witnesses, would make police officials proud, but they both smack of folies à deux, the first mimicking, somewhat, the Hickson/Parker Pascagoula incident of 1973.

And finally, here’s a truly strange encounter that I’ve scanned from the magazine [Page 49] so you can read it intact (by mousing over the image to enlarge it).
What causes such tales? Are they imaginative hoaxes or detailed, shared hallucinations? Or did the tellers of all three stories actually experience what they related?

I find the accounts, interesting for several reasons.