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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Even the Chinese have sexual delusions involving UFOs

From Huffington:



Fear and Loathing (in the UFO community?)

Every few days I get an e-mail dealing with UFOs, from persons who don't wish to place commentary online, fearing backlashes from skeptics and internet trolls.

One of my good friends, a true UFO researcher, holds back from leaving comments here, not wishing to be savaged by antagonists.

Some erudite UFO buffs I know have held back from forming their own sites or blogs, some because they're lazy, but most because they can't take the slings and arrows from persons firing barbs at UFO content rather than offering enlightened commentary.

Even with the blog option to prevent adverse comments, which Kevin Randle and I employ, hateful comments take a toll.

(Some of he persons I'm noting have Facebook accounts, where they can gather sympathetic "friends" and avoid persons who cast a pall on anything UFO oriented.)

The situation is getting worse and worse. (Look at Kevin's judicious blog [KevinRandle.blogspot.com] to see what I mean. While he has a core of astute followers, he also attracts asses who misread his coherent postings and ideas.)

It's a kind of societal madness that has become exacerbated by the political environment extant.