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Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Omnipotent/Omniscient God and impotent ETs

A letter, from a Mark Vernon, to the Editor of the Times Literary Supplement, December 21, 2016 [Page 6] about a previous review essay in the publication about the cogency of Christianity argued that the ancient atomists Democritus and Epicurus “weren’t reductionists in anything like a modern sense.”

The writer [Vernon] ended his missive with this. “As Epicurus put it: ‘The gods exist, for the knowledge of them is clear.’”

This got me to thinking…

If Earth is such a backwater, remote, obscure planet, why does it seem that God is consumed by it?

If my contention that alien species (extraterrestrials) would not folly with Earth in the context of the vastly more interesting cosmos, how is that God (or the gods) would be interested in Earth, considering the immense variety and scope of the seen and unseen Universe?

It’s the uniqueness of the human species – something I’ve noted here, at this blog and others – that might get divine attention.

An omniscient God or being would know this and maybe find it intriguing

But there is something inherently wrong with ufology and the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, the ETH.

While I appreciate the uniqueness of the human species and the diversity of life on planet Earth, we (of the Earth) are alone, in context of our galaxy and more so in context of the seemingly infinite Universe; that is, alone from the standpoint of other existent species

An advanced civilization, which is very likely not omniscient, that attribute unique to the Supreme Being, would only know about the uniqueness of Earth if it, the advanced species from elsewhere, stumbled upon Earth in a reconnoiter of the galaxy or Universe.

But the odds for that are staggering, enormous.

And while God (or gods) might interact with Earth, as religious and mythology texts indicate, extraterrestrial species would not, could not, interact with Earth and its inhabitants in the numbers that UFO reports denote.

Such ET incursions are, on the face of them, unreasonable, irrational.