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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Platitudes of UFO ETs

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When Earthlings allegedly encounter and interact with beings (or humanoids) that supposedly emerge from flying saucers or UFOs (unearthly craft), the colloquy (telepathically or verbally) goes something like this: the visitor says, “We mean you no harm. We are from “Nerfworld” far away in the galaxy (or universe).” The Earthling says, “Can I get you something to drink?”

Now does that seem like an opening that bespeaks advanced intelligence, on either side?

It seems that an advanced, sentient species (from outer space), after all the years of purported UFO sightings and interactions with Earthlings, would provide a profound truth or sensible interplay of some kind.

That is, they (the advanced species) wouldn’t, after all the years of human contact, condescend

The  professed abducted “conversations” with outer space visitors, from Adamski through to Betty Hill and Betty Andreasson almost always include an offer to tour the “ship” to which the abductees have been taken.

The advanced being from elsewhere invariably sounds like the abductee if the abductee were provoking an abduction or friendly kidnapping.

Contact with beings, outside the human reality – God(s), angels, demonic messengers, time-travelers, et al. – seem rather prosaic, mundane when it comes down to examining the being-to-person exchange or interaction.

Even in the Biblical encounters with God, that Entity, cloaks His or Her speech in sophomoric blather, “I am who am” for instance.

This suggests that the adductors may be (and are, as I see it) projections from the unconscious of the abductees, and nothing more.

The paranoid overlay of the abduction experience is palpable and noted by psychiatrists who’ve delved, objectively, into the phenomenon.

This reasonable explanation may account for the dearth in UFO abduction tales lately.

Everyone has caught on, even those who have a proclivity to be abducted, er, I mean paranoid.



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