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Friday, March 31, 2017

How much more unprofessional can Ufology get?

I took the time to sit through an over two-hour podcast of a UFO personality, interviewed by a UFO personality, neither well-noted in UFO circles and certainly neither known by the public or news media in any way.

I won’t name the podcast or persons involved as they don’t deserve attention of any kind, from me or anyone.

But I will state that if you come across this podcast, you will hear an example of the kind of “madness” that I keep insisting is part and parcel of the UFO community; you will hear a metaphorical thousand “ums,” “I means,” and “ahs” interspersed with insane-like ruminations of a personal kind that indicates, to even those without a psychological background, a kind of subliminal mental upheaval that permeates Ufology and its practitioners.

I’ve been in news media for a large part of my long life, and I did a radio show in Detroit, in which I often interviewed persons.

And while I may have been funky, my guests never were. They were chosen for their ability to speak sensibly and with exquisite enunciation and loquacity.

And all of you have watched interviews with ufological notables on the many cable shows catering to UFOs or the paranormal.

You know that the persons interviewed, often not highly educated, come off as relatively articulate.

But those UFO podcasts we keep getting notices to listen to are beneath amateurish. The one I listened to today [3/31/17] was as awful as one could find.

It’s not that the podcaster hasn’t been doing this for some time. He has. And he was okay, just not smart enough to know that his guest was a dope, about UFOs and everything else he touched on.

Such podcasts further diminish ufology, by presenting the dregs of the UFO community and giving them two hours plus of air-time to spout their absurd and ridiculous ideas, and doing so like an ill-educated bum off the streets of hoboland.

It’s shameful and disheartening to hear ill-prepared and stupid people speaking for the UFO community.

Podcasters: choose your guests wisely, not just because they may be your friend.



  • There are no strangers here, only friends we haven't met; and some, are not educated, unlike your honourable self, Rich, BUT know something of UFO or as a witness to such. It is all walk of life, that can contribute to the knowledge base on UFO; even as a tax-payer, there is no discrimination, just the right, to do the best one can, "knowing" your not going to make it, to that upper level of influence, or even want to, but are able to contribute, the best one can...

    We too, have witnessed, what you've explained, hoping to acquire information we were not aware of, just to be sometimes, a bit disgruntled & tiresome in the time and effort wasted. So in part, we can agree with; [Podcasters: Choose your guests wisely]..it will sound more compelling, with someone who knows what they're talking about. On top of that, is the sound quality!!..Bad echo in a room, Wind outside, music too loud, Sound too low.. All this, makes it difficult to hear what is being said, so we move on. There are some Vids, we have not viewed, and will not, can not, and is a waste of everyone time & effort....

    Yes, Unprofessional in my view, and its all out there, but is anyone listing, or cares?..TV takes the prize!!...............?

    By Blogger Daniel, at Friday, March 31, 2017  

  • Daniel:

    The podcast I heard, posing as radio broadcast, was remarkably terrible.

    And such terribleness is not unique to this particular "broadcaster." A raft of such "radio shows" or podcasts generally stink.

    The guest and interviewer don't apply interviewing techniques that are tried and true, They just converse, sloppily, as if they were having a colloquy at a bar over a few beers.

    I know (about) the two fellows who did the podcast, and I'm not a fan of either but did hope to gather a few gems from their intertwined conversation. It wasn't to be, unfortunately.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Friday, March 31, 2017  

  • What do they call it? a more relaxed atmosphere. Make yourself at home:)...........

    By Blogger Daniel, at Saturday, April 01, 2017  

  • You worry too much about the state of ufology. There were people likewise worried about it in the 50s, particularly after such books as those of Adamski. And yes, occultism was present in those days too, much to the disgust of the more 'rational' ufologists.

    What this means is that ufology, in 6 decades, has hardly progressed at all in the scientific sense. Nor is there any likelihood of its doing so. I recall predictions made in those far off days, as a teenager, that the great truth was just around the corner. It wasn't and isn't. But that will not stop the 'experts' making similar predictions today.

    No, I did not listen to the podcast. But other similar ones will follow, you may be sure. I agree that two hours does seem VERY excessive.

    By Blogger cda, at Saturday, April 01, 2017  

  • The podcast, CDA, was actually 2 hours, 42 minutes, and a few seconds -- of total babble, and nonsense with a lot of hem-hawing.


    By Blogger RRRGroup, at Saturday, April 01, 2017  

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