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Friday, December 30, 2016

The lack of forensics (research and everything else) in Ufology

I’m reading and enjoying Albert Rosales’ Humanoid Encounters, 1930 to 1949, but note that the accounts (often coming from credible ufology groups and people: UFO Casebook, Michael Swords, Bill Chalker, Chris Aubeck, Jerome Clark, et al.) come from remembrances, not interviews or news reports from the time of the episodes recounted.
We all know how memory usually confabulates events, even as soon as a few hours away from the remembered events.

Moreover, it seems to me that many of the episodes are suffused with “sexual elements” indicating that what is reported as a humanoid encounter is actually a brush with a traumatic sexual molestation.

An exposé by my friend, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, whose access to the Freud archives, in London, found that Freud mollified his research into child molestations in the late 1800s by family members, changing the molestations into wish fulfillments by the children involved rather than actual molestations or abuse in order to not repel doctors and psychiatrists to psychoanalysis.
Child molestations became taboo, accordingly.

My point is that sexual molestation is not only traumatic but often disguised by those abused, to allow them a kind of repression in order to handle the remembered events in later life.

This is what many of the Rosales encounters appear to be.

And some modern accents (the use of UFO or little gray beings) in the reported Rosales tales stem from the UFO literature of today.

But what about other iconic UFO reports?

There is the absence of diary accounts by Roswell citizens or photographs of the alleged military hub-bub during the supposed 1947 Roswell incident.

That is, many persons in society in the Roswell time-frame kept diaries of their daily activities and happenings, and just as many had Kodak Brownie cameras they used to capture interesting or unusual events.
Apparently Roswellians did neither as no diary or photos were found (or sought) by UFO researchers in their inept investigations of the purported flying disk crash near Roswell.

Moreover, where were the town’s newspaper reporters and their cameras? No photos of the remembered military presence? Journalistic dereliction?

UFO researchers and ufologists rarely (or never) drill down into the context of a UFO sighting, past or present.

None have addressed the questions I’ve asked here.

That is why ufology is dismissed by mainstream science and legitimate news media.

It’s a farce.