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Monday, November 28, 2016

Ancient Astronaut Theorists and their “Sky Gods”

Ancient Astronaut “theorists” continually offer the idea that ancient man referred to gods coming from the sky, implying that such “gods” were aliens (extraterrestrials) visiting Earth/

But a review of such books, as those pictured above, especially that of the great academic Mircea Eliade, indicates that early mankind’s gods were anthropomorphized from things Earthly, not from alleged visitors from outer space – the sky.
Mircea Eliade via Wikipedia HERE

From Professor Eliade’s three-volume History of Religious Ideas [University of Chicago Press, 1978]:

During the “Neolithic Revolution [9000-7000 B.C.], primitive mankind thought "food plants [were] sacred." [Page 39]

“Certain texts describe the perfection and bliss of the ‘beginnings’: ‘the ancient days when each thing was created perfect,’  … the true Paradise [from which the gods come] seems to be Dilmun, a country [sic] in which neither illness or death exists.” [Page 58]

In Section 51: Page 156 Professor Eliade  presents the confrontation between the gods Baal and Mot, Mot being the personification  of Death. Baal’s messengers “find Mot seated on his throne in the mud, in a region covered with ordure [dung].”

Hardly an alien being.

In The Encyclopedia of Gods by Michael Jordan, not the basketball star [Facts on File, Inc., 1993] one can find in its 337 pages a plethora of divinities from places such as the seas [Poseidon, Page 207], the mountains [O-Yama-Tsu-Mi, page 197], underworld [Dis Pater, page 67], husbandry and crops [Liber, page 146], et al. None from outer space and few from the sky.

In the classic work Man and His Gods by Homer W. Smith Grosset’s Universal Library, NY, 1952-1957] one reads “In all the speculations of the physiologoi, the gods were dismissed as no more than barbaric superstitions, or at best literary and poetic images.” [Page 145]

And worship of the phallus (covered here a few months back) played heavily in the adoration and worship of the gods, and we all know that ETs don’t have genitalia.

The emphasis on “gods from the sky” by AA theorists overlooks or underplays the reality of where early man got his ideas of the divine entities that we read as gods.

If the idea of god(s) did not come from the sky, Ancient Astronaut believers’ premise for their whole speculation – that alien entities established or worked with humankind in the early ages of humanity – is based upon a falsehood or ignorance of what we know about how primitive men and women thought of divinity.