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Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Watchers: Enoch’s Megalomania

Ancient Astronaut theorists like to tell anyone that Enoch, the Hebrew patriarch, provided, in his non-canonical Biblical-like text, exploits that hint at or tell us something about aliens, named The Watchers, who came to Earth, and factor in the tale of angels who took Enoch into the heavens and told him secrets that benefited the righteous members of mankind.

I’ve always been curious about Enoch’s stories and read references about him in texts about Hebrew personages.

I bought The Book of Enoch, the acclaimed, scholarly translation, from the Ethiopian text by R.H. Charles, 1906.

You can read about The Book of Enoch HERE [Wikipedia].

Book 1 opens with Enoch’s account of The Watchers, who were angels that came to Earth and, finding human women favorable, mated with them, procreating children who were considered “giants” (according to Enoch and AA theory).

I, at first, thought that if The Watchers were like those little gray extraterrestrials that have crept into the ufological psyche, they might see their offspring as giants, as they, The Watchers, would be small in stature, but their children would be “giants” to them, being of normal height, springing forth and growing tall as they aged in their Neanderthalian physiques.

But then, Enoch’s text starts to ramble, with megalomaniacal purpose, and the whole of the text, all five books of The Book, descend into an excess litany of nonsense, supported by insistent references to the unrighteous vs the righteous, and the Glory of the Lord God.

There is one fascinating account, beginning in Chapter 106, of The Book(s). It’s the alleged birth of Noah, he of the flood story.

The son of the aged Methuselah, Lamech, becomes fearful at the birth of his son, Noah, who is born with a body and long locks of hair that are as white as snow, the body also tinged as red as a blooming rose.

Methesulah, who recounts the dread of Lamech, tells Enoch that Noah has eyes like the rays of the sun and his countenance is like that of God’s angels.

Enoch assures Methesulah that Noah is, indeed, Lamech’s son, and not born of an angel [Watcher] but is, special, as the destined salvation of humankind [which is recorded in The Bible as The Flood story].

The Book of Enoch is a bust, unless one is seeking an archetypal example of megalomania.


That Damnable Socorro symbol/insignia

Kevin Randle, at his blog [kevinrandle.blogspot.com] is having a rough time getting some UFO buffs to understand how the Socorro symbol has evolved.
Referring to the popular symbol as an “umbrella” undermines its significance.

Mrs. Zamora said it was a “curved line with and arrow pointing to it.”

I, and others, refer to it as an arc with an arrow underneath it. It is not an “umbrella.”

And it is the “smoking gun” that illuminates what Officer Zamora saw.

To try and push it into the background, as irrelevant, shows how little some UFO buffs see sighting details that allow for a Sherlock Holmesian moment: a solution to an odd case, one with an exemplary witness, whose account has been marred by sloppy reportage of Ray Stanford and the ongoing nonsense of David Rudiak and a few followers of Kevin Randle’s blog.