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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Thomas Aquinas’ De Ente et Essentia and UFOs

The September 23, 2016 Times Literary Supplement has a review by Andrew Davison [Starbridge Lecturer in Theology and Natural Sciences, Cambridge and fellow at Center of Theological Inquiry at Princeton] of Gaven Kerr's book Aquinas's Way to God [Oxford University Press] about scholastic theologian Thomas Aquinas’ early work [1255], De Ente et Essentia [On Being and Essence].

How does this impact UFOs or ufology?

It helps remove, I would hope, Zoam Chomsky’s appeal to that nonsensical Null Hypothesis.

How would it do that?

Aquinas is using his argument to prove the existence of God, but one can apply the academic colloquy to prove that UFOs exist.

Like Aquinas’ God, UFOs won’t be explained, only that they have to exist: “That- which-has-being-of-itself” as Aquinas puts it.

The crux of the argument is this: “[There is a] distinction between per accidens and one ordered per se … An ‘accidental’ sequence of causes and effects gives us one thing after another; an ‘essential’  -- per se – sequence involves one thing in, or through, another.” [Page 24, TLS]

Okay, I won’t go into the full argument here – I’m dealing with it at another blog of mine.

But I will ask those of you, who’d like a counter argument to my friend Zoam’s silly “null hypothesis “ argument to remove UFOs from the lexicon of ufological discourse, to seek out the Thomistic work.

This may be too much for most of you (all of you?), but if you want to rise to the occasion, have at it.