UFO Conjectures

Friday, September 30, 2016

Ufology needs something

Obviously, the “Roswell slides” matter is kaput, and MUFON, even with a seemingly hefty “conference” in Florida currently, has lost its cachet with serious UFO buffs.

UFO sightings continue apace but no one really cares. They are ho-hum sightings.

Roswell, despite some good books (Kevin Randle’s, Jose Caravaca’s Spanish publication, and Gilles Fernandez’ 2010 French issue) correct and clarify that iconic incident, the “myth” has become boring for many (most?) UFO devotees.

The Ancient Astronaut theories have become laughable, alien abductions too.

Past UFO cases have become fossilized, and no one wants to pursue them forensically or even superficially. They are encrusted with mildew, having been hacked to fetid mince-meat, even here, at this blog.

Other topics have usurped UFOs in the public mind and ufological mind also.

So, what can revive ufology? Can it be revived? Or is it, for all practical reasons, stone dead?