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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Silence and loyalty to the end?

Robbie Graham provides a litany of personages in his book Silver Screen Saucers who seemingly or circumstantially had access to authentic UFO movies and documentation. [Page 28 ff. particularly]

This brings me to speculate, as I have in the past here (and elsewhere), why, if notable persons had information or knew of real UFO sightings and events, why they would keep quiet about such things, even unto death.

I noted, several years ago, in a post here (and at our other UFO blogs), that it seemed odd to me that if President Harry Truman actually was privy to a flying saucer crash, with alien (extraterrestrial) bodies in Roswell, why he wasn’t affected, overtly, by the knowledge of such a profound event?

He continued his daily walks and defense of his daughter but never indicated that something apparently transformational for humans had taken place in Roswell, New Mexico, July 1947.

And what about General Curtis LeMay who allegedly scolded his friend Senator Barry Goldwater for asking about “the blue room” (where Roswell debris, bodies and other ET things were stored) at Wright-Patterson Air Base?
LeMay never made a public (or private?) pronouncement about such items.

Robbie Graham mentions Allen Dulles, one-time head of the CIA (who I have found submerged in the UFO story early on and suggested him as noteworthy to Nick Redfern) and Dwight Eisenhower, who supposedly witnessed a UFO or UFOs during a military maneuver, and, by some nutty ufological accounts, actually was taken to a secret place to meet an extraterrestrial captured by the U.S. military when he was President.

Yet, Dulles remained silent about his UFO knowledge and Eisenhower went on golfing, day after day, unfazed by his knowledge of alien life having penetrated the Earth.

CDA has often raised the question, if Roswell was a real crashed flying disk event with intriguing technology, why has it remained secret for almost 70 years; no one putting the truth forward or leaking such an enormous incident’s details.

We know that secrets, about everything, end up being disclosed by investigation or loose lips.

Some prime examples include Suetonius’ Lives of the Twelve Caesars  [121 A.D.] which presented the most, insidious details about the Roman Caesars – information unbeknownst to the public and other historians (such as Tacitus) – and The Secret Gospel of Mark, allegedly discovered by scholar Morton Smith, which insinuates that Jesus Christ was homosexual, the information expurgated from the canonical Mark by the early Church fathers but still hinted at in the Biblical Mark: [And when Jesus was seized by Jewish elders and soldiers in Gethsemane] “a certain youth followed Him wearing a linen cloth on his bare body, and when they seized him, he left the linen cloth behind and fled from them, naked.” [Mark 14:51-52]
And we know, from Edward Snowden, that great secrets can be and will be leaked by those who see a greater boon in truth than in a false loyalty to temporary power-holders.
But none of this happened or is happening when it comes to UFOs. No one, it seems, has had the guts or need to be ethical (truthful) and disclose what the UFO reality is or has been, no one!

How can that be?

Either there is no UFO reality, as my friend Zaom Chomsky insists or the truth is maintained by persons who think secrets imposed by their peers or betters must remain secret, even unto death.

The latter is moral madness, nothing more, nothing less.

(Get a copy of Suetonios’ tome and Robbie Graham’s book for insights that you need to be considered intellectual and well-knowing about the topic of UFOs and history.)