UFO Conjectures

Monday, September 05, 2016

The UFO-Nuclear Scenario (once more)

I’ve noted that, for me, UFOs looking at our missile sites, especially those containing nuclear warheads but not limited to nuclear facilities only, could be artificial intelligence machines (von Nuemann-like probes) reconnoitering Earth during their excursions through the universe (or galaxy) once instigated by an advanced alien or extraterrestrial civilization (now gone with the “machines” still destined to fill their missions or assuming the controlling dictum once maintained by their “masters” by way of an artificial intelligent (machine-oriented) manifesto.

That is, UFO machines are AI constituents. (Not all UFOs are AI machines but a few may be).

Or, as I recently opined, UFOs looking at nuclear facilities are not extraterrestrial emissaries but something “closer to home”: probes from a multiverse abutting ours, or insertions from another dimension that sometimes intersects with us, or time-travelers availing themselves of an opportunity to thwart nuclear technology that has adversely affected Earth’s future inhabitants.

That an advanced alien civilization located light years from Earth or just over the galactic horizon would be startled to discover an atomic blast which in the great scheme of cosmic events would be a paltry thing but, more importantly, imperceptible from an interstellar distance, is an astronomical absurdity, no matter what advanced technology is presumed to account for the possibility.

Earth, as I keep struggling to show, is a planet without cachet in our galaxy and a planet that is virtually non-existent in the universe itself.
UFOs have often been reported near and sometimes (allegedly) affecting nuclear facilities which has been documented by Robert Hastings (among others). 

That is a "reality."

But are the UFOs ET-sponsored. I don’t think so.

UFOs are not ET (alien) vessels, as such.

They are something mysterious and unknown. They haven’t crashed in Roswell. And Police Officer Lonnie Zamora, among others who’ve seen something odd in the sky or on the ground, even near a nuclear missile base, didn’t see an alien space ship.