UFO Conjectures

Saturday, September 03, 2016

UFOs and the Nuclear Option

Some UFO buffs think that extraterrestrials are reconnoitering our Earth because they’ve detected nuclear tests, atomic bombings, and are concerned about Earthlings spreading that dangerous activity in the cosmos, undermining advanced civilizations.

Here’s the Earth, at the edge of our Galaxy.
Would an atomic test or explosion register, amidst the cacophony of other interstellar explosions of a natural kind, and would such an “insignificant” event (or many of them) catch the attention of alien civilizations far, far away, in the cosmos?

It’s an absurdity, on the face of it.

The thinking is medieval: we are not the center of the solar system, let along an important planet in the great scheme of the universe (or even our own Milky Way galaxy).

Enough of such ignorance.