UFO Conjectures

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Commentary: the “dog days of summer”?

I notice that, despite visitors to my blog, and many more to my pal Kevin Randle’s blog, there is a dearth of comments, much less for mine than his, but a dearth nonetheless.

Is it because of the summer doldrums?

Have I reached a nadir of interest in my ruminations? (Kevin is always interesting.)

I get a wealth or responses to my MediaWatch Facebook page and note that buddies, Jose Caravaca, Paul Kimball, Lance Moody, Nick Redfern, also get avid responses to their Facebook pages, dealing with UFOs mostly (or, in Paul’s case, his movies and life generally and Lance’s life without UFOs).

This poses the option, for me, to do as they have done and abandon this blog to concentrate on my Facebook page(s) – regardless how much I hate Facebook.

This is not a plea for comments. That only brings a momentary, insipid spurt.

It’s a notice that UFOs, in my bailiwick, are marmoreal and not exciting enough to warrant responses.

Thus, one has to know when to cut bait, as fishermen say.

So, I’m considering a permanent reprieve, and won’t miss my UFO friends who have visited and commented here in the past.

They are, seemingly, long dead.