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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Remnants of a death on Mars?

Martian skeleton


An illogical “insanity”!

This is from the Educating Humanity web-site:

Sure, it seems likely that life exists in the vast Universe, and some of it may consist of an advanced, thinking species, able to travel to other areas of the cosmos.

But to posit that such a species would be arriving here, on Earth, and settling in, is sheer madness.

Such an idea may be analogous to Stephen Hawking traversing from his Cambridge office on a helter-skelter trip around the world, in his wheel chair, and stumbling upon an indigenous tribe in Madagascar and choosing to bunk down with members of the tribe.

The idea that an advanced alien [ET] species would find us, in the backwater of the galaxy or whole Universe itself, is ludicrous on the face of it.

Then to think that such an advanced species would embed itself in our insane society is, itself, remorsefully insane.

Please….enough with such stupid rumination or faith-based illogical thinking: enough!