UFO Conjectures

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Not a woman in black (or white) but with a red and white scarf

A close media friend of mine posted this on Facebook, 7/6/16:

"FREAKY.. Sitting at my gate an older woman walked up to me and sat down. Said I want you to know you have a beautiful soul and a servants heart. Although you are solid in your work and your profession you should know they were destined to be in your world and you have changed their destiny ... She then said you are Fierce and have found safe haven with your wife and company She smiled touched my hand and walked away took two steps turned and said oh and happy birthday.. I'm kinda freaked out right now..."

He has found a safe haven with his wife and company. (He's an executive with a large TV broadcasting company).  And he has changed his company's destiny. Also his birthday is 7/7.

When I asked him what the woman was wearing, he said, "... not (anything) black or white, only ordinary clothes and a red and white scarf."

He also remembered she had flats for shoes, with beads on them.

As the woman walked away, she said he had helped her in the past, but he has no memory of the woman.

He had trepidation about boarding his plane, but went ahead, nervously.

His Facebook "friends" added comments saying it was an angel, some offering scripture to substantiate their suggestion.

However, he felt something ominous, even though she gave him "cheers" as Nick Redfern would see it.

And it wasn't one of Nick's Women in Black, was it?

What do you think?