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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our dear friend Martin Kottmeyer has addressed the UFO/alien helmet issue

I looked into the imagery of alien helmets back in April 2000:

MAGONIA Monthly Supplement No. 26

MAGONIA Monthly Supplement No. 26    April 2000 EDITORIAL

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In Maney & Hall there is a March 1959 essay asserting the existence of 6 cases of diving suited figures and it is contrasted against contactee cases where these are not seen, but they are “what one would expect to find.” (Charles Maney & Richard Hall  The Challenge of Unidentified flying Objects, NICAP, 1961, p.98)

Revised December 2014

1950s:   23
1960s:   18
1970s:   27
1980s:     5
1990s:    10
2000s:      1
2010s:      3

The bump in the 1990s is mostly due to a string of Russian cases, unknown at the time I wrote the original submission.  American cases dropped to 2 in the 1990s and both in the first half of the decade.  The tiny bump in 2010s is trivial and includes ambiguous descriptions.  One however is not, with the alien saying the mixture of gasses was nitrogen and argon, a curious combination indeed.  Earth’s atmosphere is mostly nitrogen.  Argon is chemically inert and presumably can’t be for breathing purposes.

{rjl} Halloween Nightmare.
Gillette, NJ, US

It was the early morning of Halloween, when, I got to the observatory early to look at the stars with the telescope. When, I, got to looking at the stars, I swear, I could see a blue-white light in the telescope. This strange blue-white light, I could swear, was going incredibly fast. So fast that it was probably going at phantom speeds of fifty thousand miles per hour. How was that possible, I thought, an object, if it was an object, could go at fifty thousand miles per hour, and, then suddenly make a sudden turn like that with ease? It was not possible for an object that was gold-copper and flashing randomly a blue-white light to go at phantom speeds of fifty thousand miles per hour. Then, all of sudden, the gold-copper object was getting faster than before. My devices, suddenly, told me, that, the gold-copper object was now going at phantom speeds of fifty-seven thousand and five hundred miles per hour. It was fifteen to twenty minutes later, that, suddenly, the object suddenly stopped, for no reasons, said. With the telescope, I swear, I could see the object, it was a gold-copper rectangular object with windows! Windows! How's that possible?! How is it, that, what I'm seeing, is possible?! It couldn't be a "flying saucer"! A "flying saucer"!!! Upon underneath the windows, where, I could also swear, there was some movement, I saw where the blue-white lights came from. The blue-white lights came from exterior circular objects, that, were underneath the square windows. These exterior circular objects that were flashing blue-white lights were part and attached to the gold-copper rectangle with square windows. Suddenly, I, saw another pair of movement, but couldn't see through the windows, but I could swear to myself, that these beings in the gold-copper rectangle were, physically, human, or at least, humanoid. Then, all of sudden, a smaller cube object, came off the gold-copper rectangle's back. The cube was made of some white metallic alloys, and, it was big as the Apollo Lunar Module, though, much smaller than the gold-copper rectangle object itself. The cube was going at phantom speeds of twenty-five thousand miles per hour, which shocked me. Suddenly, the cube, by my calculations, was going to land in the small town of Gillette, here in New Jersey. I, suddenly, got into my car and drove to Gillette, but then something popped in my mind. How's this also possible that no one else, but, me is hearing and seeing this?! How, and, why, not others?! When, I, got to Gillette, there were some cars driving pass me, and, one person honked me in his car. I waved backed, but he'd drove away, normally. Then, suddenly, the white cube was now above me. Upon, my closer examinations, the white cube was hovering above me, then, suddenly, beams of blue-white lights appeared, and, then, to my shocked face, a humanoid appeared. The humanoid was wearing a silver-chrome skin-tight jumpsuit-like spacesuit with a white metallic space helmet. The face of the humanoid couldn't be seen through the space helmet, because, it look like a one-way or a two-way mirror circular glass upon the space helmet. Also, upon the back of the space helmet-spacesuit was, what to me, appeared to be two white rectangular tanks. I asked the humanoid about them, it told me that, in an almost strange language, that it was argon and nitrogen tanks. Then, I looked at the belt of the humanoid's spacesuit, and, also about it, because, the belt of the humanoid's spacesuit was odd. For example, the middle of the belt was in the shape of a cube and the rest was written in a strange language around it. The humanoid, then, put its left hand around my face, touching my face, for no reasons. The humanoid said, "What are you"? I, being professional, said that I'm a astrophysicist. The humanoid then, again, for reasons unknown, showed me its hands. The humanoid's hands had six, perfectly formed and functioning, fingers on each of the humanoid's hands. The humanoid, then, pulled out a small spherical device from the belt. The humanoid then said something to the sphere, which glowed a glowing and pulsating red color when the humanoid talked to it. The humanoid said, this device, captures and transmits tachyons. Then, suddenly, the humanoid returned to its cube and blasted off, knocking me off my feet. Suddenly, I blacked out. Then, what appeared to be a few hours later, I stand up, and I saw no trace of evidence of what had happened, so I got to my car and droved home. A few days later, someone, was knocking on my door. When, I, answered it, three men in black clothing came upon me with their black sunglasses. The middle of the three men spoke to me and said that nothing happened in the early morning of Halloween. I was confused. Why, and how?! Suddenly, the right man pulled out a black gun and pointed at my face, while, the left man pulled out a small pocketknife and pointed at my throat. The middle man said that they can make me disappear, if I don't tale anyone about Halloween morning. I said, sure, then the three man got angry at me and, in a union, promised to NOT tell. I, scared, said sure. Then, the three men said, again, in a union, that they know where I live and where I work at. Then they droved off in a black van with windows completely covered up. That's why I'am here.

In a set of 27 diving suit alien images from ufo literature, 7 show tubes leading to the helmet.  

Maybe there's something of interest here relevant to your current interest, maybe not - just sharing.

as ever,

Those UFO-Humanoid Helmets!

After posting, recently, the James Ragsdale anecdote, noted in Kevin Randle’s new Roswell book, about the golden helmets he saw (and allegedly collected) from the bodies he says he stumbled upon during the supposed 1947 flying disk crash near Roswell in 1947, I was perusing Albert S. Rosales book, Humanoid Encounters: The Others Amongst us, 2000-2009 [Triangulum Rosales, 2015] and discovered that almost all of the reports Mr. Rosales gathered had witnesses who saw humanoids wearing uniforms and wearing helmets (of varying design and color).

Yes, I know that many of you discount such humanoid accounts, which often come from sensationalizing sources.

But, as there are so many recorded encounters, some of which have to be “real” in the hallucinatory, fabricated, or actual sense, I’m wondering why helmet wearing humanoids (ET-suggested or otherwise) show up so often in the rendered accounts.

Photographs and videos of human astronauts, more often than not, show those astronauts, while in their space vehicles (the defunct Shuttle or International Space Station) without headgear.
Even sci-fi movies and many comic book renditions of alien creatures are often without helmets, not all but many, so helmets are not a universal meme.
Yet, UFO reports, even outside of Mr. Rosales’ collections, have humanoids, seen inside and outside their assumed spacecraft, wearing headgear or helmets: e.g., Doreen Kendall [1970], Carl Higdon’s Ausso [1974], Herbert Schirmer [1967], et al.
So, I ask, what causes UFO witnesses to note helmets on their visualized humanoids?

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