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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trillions of alien civilizations?

But we have yet to come into contact with any....
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You know my view: the vast number of UFO reports, over the years and ongoing (somewhat), rule out extraterrestrial visitations.

The conglomeration of supposed alien visitations via flying saucers or UFOs (or in any other way) rules out, sensibly, the idea of ETs scouring our galaxy or the Universe itself and determining the Earth is the place to be.

The article, linked above, gets at the heart of the issue. If there are trillions of alien civilizations extant, why would our planet be singled out for special attention?

Yes, I know many of you think Earth and its inhabitants are a special, intelligent species, but that view is steeped in the religious patina of Hebrew and other ancient myths (which I'll be dealing with here upcoming).

This planet is so inconsequential in the cosmos that for other advanced alien civilizations to find us is, itself, incongruous.

But then to keep coming back, as UFO reportage tells us is happening, is ludicrous on the face of it.

(Yes, there may be or has been an intelligent probe on occasion by AI machines probing the cosmos for life, animate or intelligent machine-only, like itself, but even then the idea that such AI entities are coming here in droves bespeaks a jump from logic to bizarre faith and intellectual madness.)


Paul Kimball's latest film: Exit Thread

Our pal Paul Andrew Kimball's new film, Exit Thread, confirms, for me, Paul's brilliance as a film-maker and makes him a polymath as I see it. (His thoughts on many topics rise above the usual grunge one finds online and elsewhere.)

While I'm dismayed that he has had to set aside his musings on UFOs, in order to make this film (and others), one can see an auteur at work with his latest effort.

Check out the film at:


And follow its Festival showings and proffered awards here:


In this instance, you will find a disturbing, wicked film (with a professional overlay that is missing in many of the indie films being made today).

I enjoyed the film immensely, and I'm a hard guy to please when it comes to movies, but you all know that.


Fermi's Paradox isn't Fermi's

Joel Crook sent us this: