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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

King Tut's dagger: (another) one for the Ancient Astronaut theorists?



I watched Wargames on Encore last night [6/6/16] and realized that the movie created for me personal memes that reside in my psyche and show up at this blog, almost everyday.

I adopted, it seems, Falken's view of civilization and humanity and desire for their extinction (although ameliorated by the end of the movie, but still extant in me).

And Josua, the AI computer, created my interest in machine intelligence, a current obsession, as you know.

The movie, along with The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Thing From Another World (and Melville's Moby Dick), shaped my being more than I thought.

What movie, book or other entertainment, affected you, likewise?

I'm interested in knowing.


Michio Kaku says we live in a Matrix controlled by God