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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I hate cats -- even Schrödinger's!

One cat, either dead or either alive -- or both?

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I'm begging you!

The Science Channel’s Space's Deepest Secrets: “Hunt for Dark Energy” [a repeat airing Tuesday, 5/31/16] exhibited all the attributes I’m begging for here and in “ufology” itself: curiosity, persistence, and a determination to solve problems.

The show played down hard work – all by itself – but plugged for trying all kinds of thinking to resolve issues in science, in this case dark energy (plus dark matter) and the universe itself.

What ufology and the UFO phenomenon needs are theorists, not regurgitating opinionizers who fill commentary (mostly at other blogs and web-sites) with rote, boring, unthinking suggestions about Roswell and UFOs generally.

And this is not just the UFO newbies, but a raft of UFO buffs who’ve been jabbering all over the UFO community since the internet opened itself to their banal and ignorant musings.

The Science Channel show presented physicists who tackle questions about the cosmos with energy and sprightly thinking, some of it “far out” as would be appropriate for the subject matter(s).

So, don’t give me the usual bromides and corn-ball thinking about Roswell or UFOs.

Give me (and others) new ideas and new hypotheses about what UFOs are or may be.

Forget Roswell. Leave it to those who need to mend their previous investigational mistakes and errant solutions.

Try to be genius-like; that is, think anew and with élan.

I’m begging you….