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Thursday, May 12, 2016

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Considering UFOs….rationally!

We often go far afield here with the UFO topic, as do other internet sites and blogs.

But the UFO phenomenon can be isolated to a few, rather simple considerations, all of them rehashed over and over again, here and elsewhere.

Firstly, let me dispense with the ETH, extraterrestrial hypothesis.

That anyone believes UFOs have been and are the visiting vanguard of an other-worldly, alien culture is looniness in a most salient form.

The reports of UFOs – reports, which skeptics such as Zoam Chomsky, among many others, decry as worthless (for reasons skeptics often enumerate) – are so numerous as to discount, sensibly, visitations.

That an advanced extraterrestrial civilization would visit or keep visiting planet Earth, when there are so many other spectacular cosmic venues in the galaxy and Universe, itself, boggles common sense.

And I’m talking about an advanced civilization, one that has to be intellectually astute to reconnoiter limitless space.

And also, while we’re at it, if ETs were prominent enough to badger planet Earth with so many alleged visitations, that would indicate humans are not unique to cosmic existence: other humanoid or thinking species would contend with us for specialness.

So, let’s throw out the ETH.

If UFOs are a matter of psychological operations (psy-ops), they have done a lousy job in that department, even if it’s just the denoting of UFOs and not any tangible manifestation of things said to be UFOs (or flying saucers/disks).

UFOs, as a manifestation of psychological warfare or societal manipulation is undermined by the mad (insane) ballyhoo that has encrusted UFO tales since the supposed initiation of psy-operations.

That UFOs are hallucinatory events or visions (sightings) may be the case in some instances, maybe many instances, but that can’t account for the reasonable and credible observations (reports, if you will) that have been made over the years.

While society is intrinsically mad, as Foucault and others delineate in their books on human insanities, even insane persons see real things.

UFOs as a new, unknown phenomenon is possible but unlikely, as science and thoughtful “ufologists” (yes, there are a few of those around), have found no decent construct, meteorological, astronomical, quantum-related or in any other disciplined study which might account for the odd appearance(s) of bizarre things in the skies, some of which have interacted with machines and humans to a more or lesser degree, if one accepts witness accounts as accurate, or fairly so.

That UFOs represent advanced technology of some Earth governments is laughable, only because such technology would not remain secret for all the years in which UFOs have been reported, not to mention the historical record(s).

That UFOs come here from the future or somewhere outside our time or dimension can be discounted for the same reasons that the ETH can be dismissed.

UFOs, as a categorical discussion topic, can’t be set aside as a total fabrication of human imagination. There are too many concrete, reasonable reports – Zoam Chomsky’s anti- predilection about reports aside – to discount that UFOs are real, as real as the Grand Canyon is for those who have never seen or visited the great geological fault.

But what they [UFOs] are is open to speculation, unique speculation, as the current speculations are woefully lame, even those made by me, here.