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Saturday, April 02, 2016

UFOs: Manifestations and Madness

Micah Hanks has a piece online at Mysterious Universe about the various shapes of UFOs as reported over the years:

Accounts of UFO shapes have appeared often in UFO literature, which obviates the idea that alien (extraterrestrial) civilizations are visiting and have visited this planet in various configurations.

But the idea that UFO multiplicities stem from alien scouting removes the concept (alien visitation) as such: that there are a number of extraterrestrial civilizations interested in backwater Earth is, objectively, ridiculous.

Or that one alien culture is patrolling and has been patrolling, with many kinds of craft or ships, this place we call home is, itself, a kind of madness or delusional belief.

UFO manifestations are not far removed from recorded instances about the appearance of gods or angels in religious writings or the apparent presence of ghostly beings.

The spate of incidents where humans think they’ve seen The Virgin Mary fall into a like category: manifestations that have all the aspects of hallucination or madness.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people have not seen the images or things they’ve reported as seeing.

It just means that what they saw are manifestations of something, from without or within (their mental framework).

We can’t know for sure which one it is – from without or from within (a neurological glitch).

Yet, we have to admit that something is experienced, either by way of human madness or the insertion of a manifestation from without, as Jacques Vallee suggests or the “Distortion Theory” of Spanish UFO researcher, Jose Antonio Caravaca (which we’ve presented here over the years and which you can find online via a Google search).

As Mr. Hanks implies, UFO shapes of such variance might indicate the “[possibility] that much of the literature supporting various UFO shapes and varieties, and thus also interpretations of the UFO phenomenon itself, have actually been built around presumptions and misrepresentations.”

Yet, I’m of the belief, as you know, that people record, rather accurately, given the vicissitudes of human observational flaws, what they see or think they have seen.

So a plentitude of UFO shapes and sizes appears to remove the view that alien visitors [ETs] are coming and have come in droves to Earth.

The vastness of the shapes and sizes rule out, by reason, any idea that space beings show up in Earth skies with a host of travel devices that are configured as bizarrely as reported.

It’s ludicrous, or one would have to don the idea that ETs are flying around the Universe or this galaxy in all kinds of machines, some unfit for such travel (causing the alleged Roswell and Aztec crashes).

It’s easier to contemplate that UFOs fall into the category of delusional observations (madness) that has afflicted human kind through the ages (as recounted in Foucault’s tomes on human madness).

Obtuse manifestations have been many, some accepted as paranormal intrusions while many seen as elements of insanity, or madness in those reporting such manifestations.

However, we who follow the UFO phenomenon can’t rule out that something tangible is at work here: things unknown and real.

Or we have to conclude that such observations are manifestations of mad minds, and can be disregarded accordingly.