UFO Conjectures

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Gods can’t die and UFOs can’t contain visiting extraterrestrials

Theologically, Gods are eternal; they can’t die and don’t die.

But Jesus died, for three days. Yet even three seconds would eviscerate theological reasoning.

I have proclaimed my belief that God is dead, but that’s the god beneath God, the demiurge (Yahweh). The Almighty and Eternal intelligence that begot our universe and existence cannot die and is not dead, or so I believe (and my Jesuit teachers taught me in seminary).

Concomitant reasoning, as offensive as it may be to some who visit this blog, forces me to eschew the so-called ETH, the thinking that UFOs contain visitors from outer space or alien worlds.

The crushing account of UFOs, reported over the years (past and present), and the diverse configurations (shapes/nature) of them, and the multiple descriptions of “beings” encountered within or outside crafts that are assume to be landed UFOs, stretches credulity.

The odds against multiple diverse alien civilizations and many kinds of flying vehicles, with a panoply of crews as bizarre or unrelated as evolution should allow are so great that it causes for a dismissal of the UFO ET explanation as I’ve been harping on lately (for which I apologize, but the UFO topic has created a kind of narcolepsy for some of us).

UFOs, like dead Gods, have to be explained by reasons other than those proffered by the so-far exegetical ramblings of ufologists, me included.

There is a lethargy in UFO circles, other than the energetic escapades of Nick Redfern and the morbid insistence by Kevin Randle that Roswell remains pertinent..

The resolute UFO proponents, some who force a yawn or comment here, are few and far between.

New-think is not evident anywhere in the UFO universe; old visions and thoughts are regurgitated, by me too (to the dismay of a few whose discourse is even more putrid that the rehashing I, and others, engage in).

The UFO phenomenon can’t be re-invigorated, admittedly, by such relapses that occur here and all over the UFO landscape, yet what else is there?

Ufologists and UFO buffs are an intellectually lame lot, and attempts by a few to stir them to vigorous thinking about UFOs are undercut by a need to just be recognized, which Facebook, the worst offender, offers. Many one-time UFO enthusiasts are glommed together at Facebook venues where they live in the swill of platitudinous and insipid “likes” and commentary. That satisfies them.

But authentic UFO zealots need more.

Otherwise ufology and the UFO mystery will go the way of the Woolly Mammoth, if it hasn’t already.

God is dead, Jesus too, and UFOs are next? I think so.