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Saturday, March 05, 2016

A 1964 UFO episode that intrigues

Perusing The Encyclopedia of UFOs, edited by Ronald D. Story [Doubleday& Company, NY, 1980], I came across an entry by Mr. Story [Pages 73-74] about a 1964 Labor Day sighting [September 4-5] in Cisco California.

It involved a 28 year-old fellow, Donald Shrum, a missile factory worker who, on a bow-and-arrow hunting trip, had an odd encounter.

To save myself the toil of typing from the book’s account, I Googled the episode and found these offerings, one from UFO Casebook

…and a counter from our friend Zoam Chonmsky at his Iron Skeptic site:

The witness account of Mr. Shrum strikes me as authentic but, perhaps, the result of a psychiatric fugue state.

Yet, the rendition of Mr. Shrum has a coherent ring to it, and was presented without hallucinatory elaboration, as you can see from the proffered accounts, even Zoam’s.

Spanish UFO researcher Jose Antonio Caravaca could make a case, and maybe has, for his “external agent” hypothesis, which we’ve covered here many times.

Zoam takes his cavalier skepticism to a speculative arena, with only his antithetical UFO patina making a case for the event to be unreal.

I, on the other hand, think we have something odd here and a UFO event based either in reality or a psychotic episode of a unique kind.

You read the accounts linked (above) and let me know what your take is.

(The image used above is from Coast-to-Coast.)


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