UFO Conjectures

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Computers and Ufology are like Frankenstein’s Monster!

What the hell am I talking about?

Computers, our computers and all computers, are a mish-mash of insertions and additions by us (ourselves) and others, not necessarily hackers.

Computers intersecting the internet are pummeled by intrusions from their operating systems (Windows, Apple OS, Linux, et cetera).

Businesses we access online end up entering our computers, adding cookies and programs to obtain information or alter our OS to retrieve info every time we log on, even if we aren’t going to a company site.

Our computers have become “alive” with accretions that we often do not authorize or know about.

They (our computers) now have minds that we didn’t original approve or configure; the computer now a “being” that was created against our will or intent.


UFO reports are like computer monsterations.

Additions, to the original witness account, by researchers, commentators, article or book writers, and the UFO hoi polloi (like me) have often created monsters out of the first expositions, altering, inadvertently or purposefully, details that make a “monster” from the first, pristine, inception.

(Using the word “pristine” is errant actually, as faulty perceptions and human sensory frailties must be noted, but I always take the view that what people perceive is rather accurate, even taking into account the vicissitudes or mental aberrations.)

What people see and report is flummoxed by outside intrusions of various kinds.

Thus UFO reports are not as they were meant to be: accurate representations of what someone experienced or saw.

The UFO report has become a monster.

And you have examples with Roswell, Socorro, Rendlesham, and countless other UFO events or alleged experiences, like the Betty/Barney Hill “abduction” or the Pascagoula  and Travis Walton “kidnappings.”

Frankenstein’s tale, by Mary Shelley, was a metaphor, one that applies to many things, ufology among them.