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Monday, January 25, 2016

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Aimé Michel’s Orthoteny and the 1966 “swamp gas” sightings

Looking back over the March 20, 1966: Dexter, Michigan and “concomitant” March 21 (Hillsdale College) sightings of Allen Hynek’s “swamp gas” sightings, I noticed that another sighting, just north of the Dexter (cited as Ann Arbor) sighting of Frank Mannor took place in Milford, Michigan, March 23rd.

But then I looked up other sightings, along a straight line, from Dexter, through Hillsdale and found a sighting in Decatur, Illinois at 10 p.m. on the evening of March 22nd  and another in Temple, Oklahoma on March 23rd at 5:00 a.m.

Aimé Michel’s theory of flying saucers traveling along a straight line has been dismissed pretty much by UFO buffs.

But I think there remains some merit to the matter, as did Ann Druffel who posted this at

“To be specific, the terms "straight lines" or "orthotenic lines," as used in ufology, do not refer to physical markings in or on the earth, such as are found, for example, on the Plain of Nasca in Peru.A "straight (orthotenic) line" as used in this paper, is an imaginary line running through four or more specific sites on the earth's surface.”

The Milford, Michigan sighting is in the time-frame of the “Ann Arbor hubbub” of sightings, and the sightings along orthotenic lines followed the Dexter/Hillsdale sightings (which I give much credence to, as some of you know from my past postings and history with them) a day after and one day after that.
Is this co-incidence or a confirmation of Michel’s theory?