UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Is Ufology dead or just flaccid?

One can only sustain a mystery for so long; then it becomes stale, boring, and uninteresting.

This is the state of ufology right now.

We are all trying to explain an enigma that won’t allow itself to be explained.

Digging down into old sightings brings no fruits of discovery.

New sightings are uninvitingly dull, without flare or excitement.

And then there are the insipid back-and-forths between UFO devotees, which rehash old discussions, old speculations, old arguments….even here, where I strive to present vital conjecture but obviously fall short.

Could there be anything more banal in a world rife with other volatile contingencies?

The topic [UFOs] is hammered endlessly in some areas of the internet but, generally, those areas are populated by stupid newbies or tired UFO geezers who can’t shake off the subject matter, being so invested in it, to the point of existent disaster: The Paracast is an example.

Ufology won’t lie down and die, even though it is moribund to the point of non-existence.

The phenomenon won’t allow itself to be buried. Why not? That’s the question to conjure with, not what UFOs are, but why the damnable things won’t just go away, and leave us to matters more productive and humanly valuable.

UFOs mean nothing as far as humanity goes; they never have been and never will be part of the human experience, in a significant way.

And many have come to that realization and, thus, ufology is a dead issue for the sane among us.