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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Hallucinations and Reality: The UFO Connection

As most of you know, I’ve viewed flying saucer/UFO accounts where entities have allegedly been encountered as hallucinatory.

That doesn’t mean I think the episodes were imaginary. I’ve always thought and noted that schizophrenics and psychotics may be perceiving a “reality” that the “normal” among us doesn’t have access to.

(I’m dealing with this at one of my other blogs.)

In my current fixation on UFOs as probes by artificial intelligences, I can see how Spanish researcher Jose Caravaca (and persons such a Jacques Vallee) offer that UFOs present an “external agent” (in Jose’s hypothesis) or a “control system” (Vallee’s offering).

But let me suggest that if UFOs are artificial intelligences, in toto, perhaps they create the scenarios that Jose and Mr. Vallee see as the product of confrontation with humans.
That is, UFOs offer presentations to humans when they come in contact with humans, presentations that provide a non-technological intercourse to determine reactive states or to control the situation in ways that are amenable to the biological constructs they (the artificial intelligent agents) stumble upon or seek out (for whatever reason).
Some of us (Tim Hebert for instance and me) see the events as hallucinatory and they are but that doesn’t mean they are unreal.
A raft of papers, which I’ll put online here and elsewhere, will show that the perception of things and events by the maligned among us, mentally disturbed (psychotics and schizophrenics), may be as “real” as that which we, who think we’re normal, perceive.

That technological intelligence could manipulate human minds and sensory data is a matter of study, outside the artificial intelligence topic, by Persinger and others.
Of course, there is psychological and neurological malfeasances that are totally oriented around mental mischief, but I contend that normal folks who’ve see or interacted with UFO entities may have been played with by artificial intelligent probes, to what end is open in my mind.
The matter is flummoxed by the “we are a computer simulation” from Bostrom and others currently in vogue.

But setting that aside, to keep the topic here constrained, what if UFOs are technological “robots” with sentience, either implanted or self-created by AI that has evolved to the point where they are the Singularity that Bostrom presents and I seem to be adopting?

This simplifies the UFO enigma for me, but what’s your take?