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Thursday, November 26, 2015

UFOs: Artificial Intelligence probes?

I'm pursuing, further, the idea that UFOs and some accounts of them indicate interaction between humans and artificial intelligence "entities" or probes.

I'm listing the 1954 Dewilde episode in that category as ...
... some elements similar to the later Robert Taylor incident, posted previously here, should be noted:

"... his dog started barking

... a light beam got off the object he saw on the tracks and left him paralyzed.

A six-meter depression was found on the exact point where the object has landed ..."

The above from Wikipedia:


Artificial intelligence, created by an advanced (inter-galactic) civilization, as Nick Bostrom's thesis has it, fascinates.

That UFOs and encounters with them (in the air and on land) are the result of AI probes scouting the galaxy and/or Universe, resolves, for me, lots of problems with the UFO phenomenon.

More to follow....