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Friday, November 20, 2015

Insect Intelligence and UFOs?

A new book, Planet of the Bugs : Evolution and the Rise of Insects by Scott Richard Hall [The University of Chicago Press, 2015, Paper $17], allows consideration that UFOs may be piloted by insects, from elsewhere (another dimension or another planet system in the Universe or even Earth’s future).

Yes, many UFO buffs eschew the idea that insects may be flying around Earth in UFOs or flying saucers as Gerald Heard proposed in his 1953 book, Is another world watching!: The riddle of the flying saucers.

While Heard’s book is fraught with nonsense and error, the idea, if one absorbs the view(s) of Hall in his book, that insects could evolve to develop intelligence and the ability to create technology, is not as improbable as one might initially think.

Consideration of the ant kingdom alone forces one to speculate that insects could evolve to the point where intelligence supersedes instinct and manual dexterity is not a problem but an evolutionary development also.

The evolutionary time-line is long, 10 to 14 million years for Earth’s species.

On other planets, or later in Earth’s future, or the time in another dimension (perhaps not subject to the vicissitudes in this dimension), insects could develop in ways that mimic or transcend the way that insects have evolved here, as Scott Hall outlines.

That some UFO witnesses have seen creatures around UFOs that have an insect façade or manner should not be discounted perhaps:

Of course, the idea of an alien insect reality is delirious maybe or a product of Entomophobia.
But it (an alien insect possibility) should not be dismissed readily.

It may be a matter for discourse or debate.