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Monday, October 12, 2015

Maleficent or compassionate extraterrestrials: which may it be?


Two classic UFO photographic films that made some of us into UFO buffs

This is a clip from the 1952 Tremonton, Utah film taken by Navy Officer Delbert Newhouse:
And this is a shot of one of the UFOs that left the cluster:
And here is a clip from the 1950 Nick Mariana film taken in Great Falls, Montana:
Here are the YouTube videos of both sightings:



Now you know that analyses of both films were made by the Navy and the Condon Committee, as well as a few independent groups and individuals.

A consensus of birds (sea gulls, particularly) for the Newhouse film has gratified skeptics and the jet airplane explanation for the Montana film has gladdened the heart of UFO deniers.

But neither "explanation" seems to fit what you see for yourselves.

Birds/sea gulls in flight do not cavort in the bizarre manner that one sees in the light sources Newhouse captured. But then one might wonder why a bevy of UFOs would fly in such a quirky manner, and in such a pell-mell grouping.

As for the Mariana film and its two light sources, one could easily see the things as jet exhausts from two jet airplanes, but that is a facile explanation, on the face of it, but not one easily dismissed.

Yet, I see these two films as allowing for a serious scrutiny of the UFO phenomenon, as has been the case with both films.

Nonetheless, this kind of "evidence" for strange things seen (and filmed) in the skies makes for the wonder that UFOs (flying saucers) provoked in the public and news media once upon a time....but no longer, sadly.