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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Paul Yost and the 1964 Lonnie Zamora/Socorro "sighting"

Paul Yost was an aerial innovator, specializing in balloons and/or appurtenances to various kinds of air craft.

He worked for and with Raven Industries, a CIA "corporation" tied to Howard Hughes, which I've noted many times here and elsewhere.

He experimented in the American southwest, and I've tied him to the 1964 Sororro/Zamora event often.

Here is a comment, from him, in the patent paper(s) for the balloon array pictured here.
And here is that patent registration, in toto:

Yost patent

The Socorro incident was not a hoax, created by NMIT students as I've outlined and explained in a series of postings at our UFO web-site.

It was not an extraterrestrial incursion, as I (and others) have also outlined at our site(s).

The Socorro sighting by police officer Lonnie Zamora was a terrestrial event: an experiment by Hughes Aircaft/Toolco and the CIA, in which Paul Yost was a primary participant.

Those, with access to our UFO web-site, can read the various "documentations."