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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

For UFO Believers, Roswell is The Second Coming

Seeing the ongoing effluvia going on at Kevin Randles’ blog about Roswell, again, makes me think that the likes of David Rudiak and a few others see Roswell as a spiritual substitute for the alleged Second Coming of Christ.

By that I mean hard-core Roswell believers, realizing that Jesus isn’t coming back to help this planet’s despondent population, have substituted the non-Coming with the yen that Roswell offers the possibility that beings from another planet or galaxy, trying to save Earth from its folly, crashed near Roswell in 1947, and more must be on their way.

I know several Roswellian devotees who are convinced that little beings from elsewhere in the Universe have been visiting the Earth, with a mission to save us from Atomic holocausts or some other human-caused destruction.

For them, God is dead and Jesus with Him, and all we can now expect are creatures from the galactic-abroad who will save us from ourselves.

This subliminal belief system is palpable to those who are able to discern the religious-like yearnings of Mr. Rudiak and his ilk. They are desperate to believe.

Take a gander at Kevin’s blog and you’ll see the desperate need to have Roswell be the Coming of the Lord and his minions.

Even the skeptics always on board at Kevin’s blog, when he raises the issue of Roswell, which he is often compelled to do (do we know why?), are playing devil’s advocate with the Second Coming trope, even if they don’t see their complicity in the erroneous theology.

But like the Jesus malarkey – He’s not coming back – the Roswell incident did not indicate the vanguard of a space civilization come to Earth as salvational emissaries.

Roswell is an irrational meme, that only a few pathetic UFO enthusiasts still adhere to, abetted by Mr. Randle’s confessional need to do penance for his errant, early Roswell investigations and writings.

I was trepidatious to bring it up here, but someone had to say something, the topic so fraught with pathology.


UFOs and the lack of a mystical aspect

                      Mystical Planet by Lavioude http://lavioude.deviantart.com/art/mystical-planet-171157798

Reports of UFOs (flying saucers), through the years, have sometimes inspired awe, fear, or just mundane curiosity.

But I can find no UFO account that produced a mystical ambiance during or after its sighting.

 Why is this?

The appearance of odd beings (Lourdes, Fatima, et al.) or artifacts (Ezekiel, Elijah), akin to UFOs, often produced a spiritual aftermath, for the witness(es).

But what sighting of flying saucers or UFOs caused a witness to assume a holy or more reverent state of life: not Ken Arnold, nor the Trents, nor Lonnie Zamora, or Travis Walton, or even the Hills.

You can cite numerous UFO sightings or encounters that provoked odd behavioral repercussions, but none that drove the person(s) having the sighting or encounter to a mystical reverie or enhanced, spiritual life; just the opposite.

Persons who say they saw a UFO or had an encounter with one (and sometimes its inner beings) usually became or ended up slightly irrational or greedy for the public spotlight, whereas those with a mystical experience usually sought solitude and a way of life annotated by good will and deeds.

UFOs, then, are devoid of an ethereal essence that would put them among the past glorified experiences of those who seem to have connected with something mystical and unearthly, or transcendent.

UFOs must be an unusual phenomenon or things that have no connection(s) to the souls or spiritual psyches of humans, otherwise they would have, in at least one bona fide instance, caused a witness to assume a saintly demeanor.

This has not ever happened (and I discount the hoax-like renderings of some abductees (experiencers), none of whom became a “better person” after their experience, most being vindictive or nasty. (Need I name them? There are a few, out and about, in the UFO milieu.)

So, I think we can discount the idea that UFOs come from God or his unearthly realm.

But does this open the door to UFOs being from an interplanetary culture? Hardly.

Such an occasion would evoke something more than what witnesses have provided as endemic to their experience, surely.

That reports, sightings, and witness accounts of UFOs are so unpoetic and mundane, yes, mundane, indicates that what is seen is prosaic and without a mystical overlay, even a sci-fi overlay.

UFOs are a mystery, but not a mystical or profound mystery. They are things without a transcendent sine qua non.