UFO Conjectures

Thursday, July 30, 2015

When you’re gone, you’re gone….

Reading various book review periodicals, often noted here, I find it surprising how many talented human beings have died, unappreciated and often unremembered.

In ufological circles, who is remembered and who will be remembered when their time here is up, when they have passed on to that great, blank void?

The UFO notables have and will to continue to have a remembered legacy:  Arnold, Keyhoe, Adamski, the Hills, Keel, Moseley, the Lorenzens (perhaps), Ruppelt, Friedman (for a while), Vallee, and others who have nicked a spot in the history of flying saucers, and UFOs.

Some contactees and those who’ve created a sighting/event sensation (Fry, Angelucci, Zamora, the Pascagoula fellows, Walton, the Rendlesham guys, et al).

That is, a few UFO notables, witnesses and participants in significant UFO events, will have notations or footnotes in the future arcane archives but they, too, will go the way of unrecalled memory.

Some have already become invisible in the UFO existence: Richard Hall, my friend Bruce Duensing (despite his ongoing obit at Paul Kimball’s blog), Mac Tonnies, and the still living Bruce Errol-Knapp, once a presence because of UFO UpDates but now relegated to an obscure Facebook page.

You can name a few, of course.

But what about us UFO peons?

We bloggers will find our meager “legacies” – our blogs – passing on with little or no notice, and our efforts destined to be turned into digital dust.

The persons who comment only will disappear even faster and more thoroughly, their missives, irrelevant and banal now, will be ignored or overrun by other comments, until all are submersed by time and commentary that infuses the cobwebbed corner of the UFO rooms that will exist in musty corners of the internet by hangers-on who think ufology is worthy of an extant existence.

But that’s just an insanity which will persist by the efforts of a pathological few.

I can think of no one in the UFO community, besides Nick Redfern, maybe Kevin Randle, and a few others because they’ve written books (their books gone too in the not too distant future, unless replaced by digitization) who will remain noteworthy for any long period of time, most already gone from UFO consciousness, some already a depleted memory.

Splashing commentary all over the UFO-based internet, and creating blog posts, like this, provides no legacy whatsoever, the content feeble and meaningless in the great scheme of society’s cultural output.

So, you can keep wasting your time, as I do, but know that it’s all quite futile and pointless….really.