UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Canticle for Ufology

Most of you are familiar with (or should be) Walter M Miller Jr.’s A Canticle for Leibowitz.

That three-part sci-fi novel should be a template for what to do with the dying, sloppy discipline, ufology.

Ufology is moribund, and virtually dead as far as the public is concerned, but a coterie of UFO die-hards insist and maintain interest in UFO lore (Roswell, in particular).

The reports and tales of UFO visitations (sighted and interacted with) need to be held in “sacred archives” not unlike the manuscripts detailed in Walter Miller’s book.

The reason? UFOs may be a harbinger of a necessary phenomenon that elucidates the devolving human condition, exemplified by such things as the ISIS onslaughts, Facebook, and Twitter, and the diminution in the arts: music, literature, and painting for instance.

Science isn’t prepared to salvage the edifices of humanity; science is protective of its domains, and cares not whit about human beings, as such – beings.

Ufology is rife with dolts, admittedly, but those few who understand the ramifications of the lore, its mythos too, know that UFOs, which have been with us since time immemorial, may offer a kind of salvation to humanity, once the phenomenon’s mystery is unlocked.

I’m not saying that UFOs contain aliens (extraterrestrials) ready to offer aid and comfort to a declining humanity, far from that.

I am declaring that UFOs harbor a secret or secrets that may keep humankind from descending into a kind of Neanderthalian extinction.

While “social media” has taken the soul of humanity and divested it of intelligence and dignity, UFOs, explained, might offer a come-back, even if for only a few.

As Miller described "The Pope's Children" (an affectionate name for the people who have been so severely affected by the genetic mutation caused by radiation that they are subhuman in both intelligence and capacity for reason),” Ufology could be the way, which it isn’t now by a very long shot, that leads a small component of human society back to a significant core to revive humankind’s purpose for being.

Scrap your understanding of ufology as it exists now, and see it as a “discipline” that could offer help and hope for a species that is not-so-slowly slipping into a bestial, stupid existence.

Ufology is scorned, by me and others, but it needn’t be, if it’s removed from the clutches of “The Pope’s Children” – and we all know who they are in the UFO community.