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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Jose Antonio Caravaca sends along a Black Vault link that is intriguing.


Jose sees the objects as possibly "test targets" of some kind (I tend to agree) and sent these images to make his point:

Eric Wargo’s TheNightshirt.com

If you access Eric Wargo’s site (noted above), you’ll be immersed in material that is edifying but often abstruse.

Eric’s musings remind me of Bruce Duensing’s cogitative blog(s), and Eric refers to Bruce a few times in his (Eric’s) current posting about pSi and related topics.

Bruce, a rather close friend of mine, suffered from Asperger’s disease.

During the last few months of his life, he and I discussed his “madness,” me telling him he had a controlled kind of schizophrenia.

(Bruce experienced a disturbing vision, caught on film, a short while ago, of a Jungian archetype: The Wise Old Man.

(I thought the image caught on camera was Bruce’s son, who died a few years ago; his death affecting Bruce to the depths of his soul. But, after sending the photo to Bruce Maccabee for his evaluation, Bruce Duensing and I agreed it was not his son in the photo.)

Eric Wargo sees value in Jacques Vallee’s associative commentary about UFOs, computer algorithms, synchronicity, et cetera.

I’ve always thought, since my days visiting the mentally ill at Wayne County General Hospital (Eloise), Michigan as part of my psychology requirements, that the psychotics and schizophrenics were not beleaguered by neurological maladies (called madness at the time) but were actually receiving input from somewhere, and from something.

I’ve addressed this a few times here and at our other blogs.

Jose Caravaca thinks such input comes from an “external agent” which hasn’t been clarified exactly but can fall into that amalgam of psychic sources Eric delineates.

However, that Eric and Bruce (rest his soul) think UFOs are part of a psychical realm, brilliantly as that is argued by Eric and densely suggested by Mr. Duensing, doesn’t sit well with me.

There is, if UFO/flying saucer reports have a scintilla of accuracy, a tangibility to UFOs.

Bruce Duensing, citing Persinger, allowed that electromagnetism could produce tangibility.

Persinger’s views are eschewed by scientists generally, and I always thought Bruce’s affection for Persinger was oddly obsessional.

(Bruce had synchonicity occurrences like those cited in Eric Wargo’s current posting and posited such occurrences to the psychic milieu addressed by Gurdjieff, another favorite of Bruce’s.)

This was the “madness” that Bruce Duensing lived with, and he hated that I ascribed his experiences to “madness,” taking that as a personal assault when, in fact, I meant it as an element of the information that schizophrenics received from who or what.

At any rate, some UFOs represent psychic manifestations or electromagnetic signals or hallucinatory visions, but just some.

Other UFOs represent a phenomenon that is tangible and real, as real as anything we experience consciously, but that opens the door to another matter: the reality of consciousness, which I can’t deal with at the moment, still trying to digest Eric Wargo’s erudite suggestions at his site.