UFO Conjectures

Monday, July 06, 2015

What if there were only one….

… real flying saucer/UFO event?

Of all the UFO/flying saucer reports over the years – over the millennia even – isn’t there one unique episode that rings true and also contains evidence that isn’t compromised in some way?

I think we can exclude the Kenneth Arnold account (see Kevin Randle’s blog for a current take on that iconic sighting), the Roswell tale, the Trent/McMinnville photos, The Hill’s “abduction,” Socorro, the Walton “take away,” the Phoenix lights, and any number of other commonly offered sightings, many mentioned here and at other blogs or web-sites.

But isn’t there one subliminal or ignored sighting/event that presents a real episode that tells us UFOs are actual phenomena or, at least one actual phenomenon.

And what would that one sighting be?

Any suggestions?