UFO Conjectures

Thursday, July 02, 2015

The misplaced egos of some ufologists

A few people are bitching at Kevin Randle’s blog about my “arbitrary” deletion of my postings and threads (or comments) attached to them.

Let me say that I don’t think my postings and the ensuing comments are sacrosanct or in a category of permanent installment, much of the material being insipid shit.

The complainants, eBikesRC and Tony Stark (online troublemaker and not a substantial commentator of anything worthwhile, ever), need to understand that we who write blogs, edit them to exclude mistakes, slurs, personal attacks, and effluvia.

My own posts are often not worthy or Gospel-like retention. When that is the case, my posts are deleted and the attendant facile comments with them.

That a few people think their commentary is important enough to be maintained should reflect on their egoistic ruminations (at Randle’s blog or Paul Kimball’s).

Their input is often swill. Eradicating their crap is rightful and sensible.

They don’t really offer commentary here, so they should shut their mouths about what I do here.

They don’t matter in my scheme of things and if they refrain from commenting here, I am happy as a clam.

That Mr. Randle is more lenient about who can post or comment at his blog is okay with me.

I prefer to run a tighter ship.