UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I don’t get it!

Why is Kevin Randle persisting in flogging the slides imbroglio and furthering comments at his blog that have descended into a kind of schizophrenic bombast by one peripheral UFO guy abetted by a few others, including the inestimable CDA who should know better?

Mr. Randle, I repeat, has ufological cachet. Why does he keep trying to destroy that cachet?

He has the ability, like no other, to curb the ongoing slides nonsense. Why doesn’t he?

What’s his game plan?

Go to Kevin’s blog and read the current comments. I see a manifestation of psychosis and think Tim Hebert might agree.

A few UFO regulars have dropped out, thankfully, realizing that they were immersed in a kind of insanity, but a few have stuck with it….CDA among them.

Sure, one can ignore or avoid Kevin’s blog, but it’s usually – usually – a source of UFO edification. And I miss that.