UFO Conjectures

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A private e-mail (to me) that makes interesting/insightful points

I hope you can implement the policy for ufocon.blogspot mentioned in your post today.

I am one of those hundreds of thinking entities who check your blog daily, but never comment, as you have noted recently in other posts. The reason for this behaviour is simply demonstrated: a while ago you had a post on death of Ruppelt. Ah, I thought, I have the tools do do some quick research, and the personal background, to contribute something to this. After an hour or so of research, very quick and satisfying, I posted the information. The immediate response was a rant from Mr Rudiak, with no informational content, challenging every point not based on a factual or reasoned basis, but merely on Mr Rudiak's judgement that x is a common mistake or y cannot be.

Well, there are not enough hours in the day, or any point, in dealing with such nonsense. So better not to post at all.

I am not saying that others like me would post as often as those who seem to have no other life than trolling and bashing out reams of top-of-the-head text every hour in the comments section. But censoring any comments that do not have substantive content might bring some of us out of the woodwork.

PS I have a BA in physical anthropology. During the years of training I examined and evaluated hundreds of Native American burials. The 'nonhuman' or 'pathological' attributes of the mummy in the Roswell slides all simply correlate with the age of the individual. But no point on commenting on that; Rudiak et al would simply demand proof of experience to make such a statement...