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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Vicissitudes of Blogging

Moving on....really this time!

Kevin Randle sent me this comment (about my posting saying he should move on from the slides topic with the rest of us):

"Really Rich?

Five stories about the slides after you beg me to stop...

What can I say."

He was right to send the comment.

I had posted five things (now deleted as Lance  Moody knows I am wont to do with irrelevant material) about the slides after saying it was time to move on.

My excuse is I was accommodating Anthony Bragalia and my friends Nick Redfern and Jose Caravaca,

They wanted input about the slides to appear here.

But now that the slides imbroglio has reached a denouement by the excellent work of Lance Moody, Paul Kimball, Curt Collins, Gilles Fernandez, Isaac Koi, and others of the "anti-sliders" group (as I call them), we (or I) can truly move on.

The May 5th farce is over and undercut to the point of total decimation.

The slides show a mummy, as Mr. Bragalia concedes.

Roswell has nothing to do with anything about them.

The Roswell Team has wasted two-plus years of their so-called new Roswell research, and the rest of us have wasted reams of our time and lives by going along for the ride.

It's over....done, kaput.