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Friday, May 01, 2015

Speculative Realism for "ufologists" who dislike Phenomenology

Readers here can either go to Kevin Randle's bog, where a contentious, stupid ongoing discussion continues, with regurgitation of Roswell minutiae and commentators attacking one another, ad infinitum, ad eternum, ad nauseum, or read how Quentin Meillassoux, a French philosopher who rattles Kant's Principle of Correlation with his (Meillassoux's) concept of the universe and life that adheres to the idea of UFOs and strange (paranormal) behavior in the world is relevant to the UFO mystery.

Here's a link to the anti-Kantian philosophy rampant nowadays in philosophical circles:


And a link to Wikipedia's article on Meillassoux:


But there are those who think Monsieur Meillassoux is insane, and here is a piece so oriented:


Why Kevin Randle's readers and commentators continue to badger each other with redundant Roswell nonsense baffles.

I know ufology is contained by nutty people, but the neurotic (maybe psychotic) ramblings at Mr. Randle's blog are so prominently insane, that one is obligated to note the psychological milieu. It's an example of what is so very wrong with the UFO community and the topic (UFOs) itself.