UFO Conjectures

Monday, March 23, 2015

It’s all about the bass…..er, slides.

(Apologies to Meghan Trainor)
These are my current stats….the usual 1200 to 1400 visitors daily. But note that spike preceding the normal visitation.

That’s from a posting about the controversial Kodachrome slides.

Despite what one reads or hears, those slides invite visitation and/or comment at blogs that highlight them.

Two of my favorite blogs – Kevin Randle’s and Paul Kimball’s – will get lots of hits when anything about the slides appears.

But when Paul or Kevin or I try to go to something else, UFO related but not about the slides, visitations drop off and comments drop to one or two.

Even The Anomalist indicates ennui about the slides, but visitors there jump to the blogs or web-sites Anomalist notes as containing slides commentary.

Why is this?

The slides invite interest because they seem related to Roswell, Ufology’s holy grail, irrespective of comments by some UFO buffs that Roswell is a dead issue. It isn’t, at least not for UFO cognoscenti.

Roswell is an unclarified mystery, no matter what anyone says or writes.

And then there are the characters connected to the slides (Bernerd and Hilda Ray, and the persons who found and have exploited them), along with those who ballyhoo the slides (the so-called Roswell Dream Team and Mexico’s primary UFO promoter, Jaime Maussan), all linked to iffyness at one time or another, and some shadier than others.

Finally, there are the UFO buffs who feed off the slides (me among them), many unknown but appearing at Kevin’s blog (Daniel Transit, CommanderCronus, Anthony Mugan, Jim Bender, et al.) and a few no one cares about (Bob Koford).

Paul Kimball and I share many of the same visitors and Paul gets a rife of them at his Facebook page.

And our visitors and commentators are, usually(!), more judicious and sensible than those who are wildly commenting at other blogs, not in on the slides information but thinking they have insights of a valuable kind.

And of course there is the ubiquitous David Rudiak, who thinks his speculations (the Ramey memo and missing Mogul ballon number 4) are better than anyone else’s (mine, that Bernerd Ray may have worked for or with that Aztec reprobate, Silas Newton).

The whole slides scene is packed with juicy components: an alleged alien body, a President (Eisenhower) who favored a few cronies with visitation to that body, and machinations involving greed, notoriety, and needful ufological fame.

The slides story is packed with elements that invite interest, at least for those up to unsolved mysteries and intriguing human by-play.

That’s why the Kodachrome slides story will fill a blog’s visitor queue and other UFO tales don’t, at least at the moment.