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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Many Slides Stories

Paul Kimball, in a comment for the posting proceeding this one, writes that if the slides story is a concoction – a con like MJ-12 or the Alien Autopsy – that’s the story, and my effort to keep the topic on point -- the body seen in the slides – is not the only story to be aired.

He makes a point, which was exampled years ago in the Piltdown Man hoax, which took in many “brilliant men” (such as Teilhard de Chardin and Clarence Darrow).

But I don’t see a created con with the slides story, even though there are some iffy people involved. (Need I name them?)

Paul Kimball’s position is this (which he provided via an e-mail):

“Like I said, I actually feel sorry for Bragalia. He might be an unpleasant, borderline psychotic true believer, but I don't think he's part of the con. He just happens to be a patsy - the Lee Harvey Oswald, as it were. Just like Friedman was with MJ-12. And you can quote me on that.”

A little harsh maybe but that’s between Tony and Paul; it’s an invigorating back-and-forth, full of the ufological vituperation with which we are all familiar.

Yet, there is a story, besides the possible con job story. And it’s the actual content of the slide(s): the image thereupon.

What is it? Where was it displayed? Who took the photo? Why?

And then there is the alleged Roswell connection. Is that a real story possibility? I’m not so sure, although I think the slide body was the inspiration for the Scully/Aztec fiction. (But that for another time, as I’ve worked that conjecture to death here already, many times.)

There is also the story of the Rays, Hilda and Bernerd, who were supposedly the takers of the slides or holders of the slides, as they were allegedly found in Hilda Ray’s house.

But that’s also a story: who found the slides? Why did they keep them in their garage for ten years or so without a scintilla of interest in what they showed?

Then we have the Roswell guys getting involved. Another story: why and how?

There are a plethora of stories in this slides mess, all inter-related or seemingly so.

And the possibility of a con job -- an Alien Autopsy-like concoction  -- seems to be a stretch , for me, at least as far as Anthony Bragalia is concerned.

I told Tony he is a prisoner of his belief in the slide body depicting an extraterrestrial or Roswell flying disk crash victim, but he stands by his belief. He’s seen the slides in fact and close up, and he has some corroborating “evidence” that allows his belief and/or faith in what the slides depict.

I’m skeptical, and he knows that.

But there are stories here, contrived stories perhaps but real stories too.

And I think we’re really at the preface of those stories, some of which I’ll keep gnawing at here, until my visitors and readers become extremely nauseous, as many are already.