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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Roswell media misinformation in 1947

I found this excerpt in an archive from ten years ago, which highlighted journalistic errors (New York Times?) during the Roswell hub-bub in 1947.

The excerpt and archive may have come from a listing at David Rudiak's all-inclusive Roswell blog in 2005 or so. (I have no idea from where we got the material, and I apologize for that.)

The information is interesting, despite the egregious misspellings of names (Haut and Brazel):

Rancher Hears the Story

    Haught added the "disk" had been examined at Roswell field and forwarded to higher authorities.
    Events leading to the issuance of Haught's bulletin were pieced together as follows:  W. W. Brizzell, a rancher, found the remnants of the balloon last week. In near-by Corona, N.M., Saturday he heard about the national disk epidemic.  He decided to notify the sheriff.
    Sheriff George Wilcox relayed the information to Roswell field, where Maj. Jesse A. Marcel was assigned to investigate.  The major went to the ranch and took the collection of sticks and foil into the custody of the army.
    Newton explained the object, when rigged up, looks like a six pointed star, is silvery in appearance, and rises in the air like a kite, mounted on a 100 gram balloon.  He said a radar set is used to follow the balloon and winds aloft are charted through a triangulation process.  He added he had used similar balloons during the invasion of Okinawa to get ballistics information for heavy guns.