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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Turing and Enigma, Poe and Cosmology, Me and GTA

I noted in a comment here, a few days ago, the New York Review of Books article by Christian Caryl on Alan Turing [2/5/15, Saving Alan Turing from his Friends, Page 19 ff.].
It’s a must-read for those who want to see how “facts” are changed for entertainment purposes.

My point here is to note what I found interesting, even though it has nothing to do with UFOs, exactly.

As many of you know, Turing (a genius and icon for some of us) discovered the cryptic code of the Nazi Enigma machine, helping Britain in WW II by showing the Nazi submarine attack plans – the Nazis having almost decimated the British Navy in the Atlantic Seas.

You can read about this online, but here’s my observation:

Who was the creator of Enigma?

I don’t think it was a committee creation but even if it were, who was the prime mover?

That person is a genius of the Turing ilk. Where did he or she go after the war?

Were they killed? Did they end up in Russia? Or the United States? Or South America?

Did they become part of the space programs here of in Soviet Russia? Or did they just fade away, lost to history, without note?

Then there is another NYRB article in the issue [2/5/15]: Of Edgar Allan Poe by Marilynne Robinson [Page 4 pp.] wherein she notes that Poe was an unprecedented genius with a prescience that has gone unnoticed pretty much.
Here’s Ms. Robinson’s commentary:

“In the last year of his life, [Poe] wrote a prose poem, Eureka, which would have established [the fact that his mind wasn’t commonplace].

[Eureka] was so full of intuitive insight that neither his contemporaries nor subsequent generations, until the late twentieth century, could make any sense of it.

Eureka describes the origins of the universe in a single particle, from which ‘radiated’ the atoms of which all matter is made. Minute dissimilarities of size and distribution among these atoms meant that the effects of gravity caused them to accumulate as matter forming the physical universe.

This by itself would be a startling anticipation of modern cosmology, if Poe had not also drawn striking conclusions from it, for example that space and ‘duration’ are one thing, that there might be stars that emit no light, that there is a repulsive force that in some degree counteracts the force of gravity, that there could be any number of universes with different laws simultaneous with ours, that our universe might collapse to its original state and another universe erupt from the particle it would have become, that our present universe may be one in a series.”

She continues:

“And of course Poe had neither evidence nor authority for any of [this]. It was the product, he said, of a kind of aesthetic reasoning – therefore, he insisted, a poem.”

Again, Poe’s brilliance remains questionable to some, but there it is.

And finally, there is a “mental quirk” known as Global Transient Amnesia, which I had occasion to experience a few years back.
I came into the house from going to the mailbox, and ask persons in the house who had placed bags of leaves on our porch.

We, including me, had actually put those bags on the porch a few moments earlier.

I then pointed out things in the house that I found unsettling and remained for a hour or so discussing things I found upsetting.

My fellows were alarmed as I was not me; that is, I was not Rich Reynolds during the episode. I was a person who had come into the house and, while having some connection with it, was not cognizant of my association.

I had no “me” – I wasn’t conscious of being me, nor did I have any awareness of being conscious at all.

My body had become a vehicle for another being, one with no relevance to my person.

Had my Earth-being intersected with my other dimension-being for a brief time?

That is, did Rich Reynolds from elsewhere end up stepping into my shoes for an hour or so, inadvertently or otherwise?

I have no recollection of the event, and if there had not been witnesses, I would have disappeared for a period of time, moving without sensate of where I was or what I was doing.

You can find more on GTA online, It’s an odd neurological condition and may explain some UFO episodes, except that those experiencing a UFO event while affected by GTA wouldn’t know they had had the experience unless someone with them was there to confirm the experience.

Things in this world are odd, and stories or facts about one’s life and activities often go unnoted or unrecounted for various reasons.

So one has to be cautious when dismissing stories out of hand. Those stories may be incomplete or too odd to be reviewed sensibly.

That’s why I think UFO events are amenable to truths that may be submerged by cavalier reporting, disingenuous motivations (as with Turing movie), or a lack of knowledge about one’s thinking (as with Poe).


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