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Friday, January 23, 2015

Extraterrestrials and Flying Saucers [UFOs] have a common denominator?

In George Pal’s 1953 Sci-Fi film, War of the Worlds, Dr. Clayton Forrester [Gene Barry] suggested, via script writer Barre Lyndon, that the Martians created their technology based upon how they looked – their physiognomy.

Here’s clip to remind you how the Martians and their machines appeared in the film: 

This offers the speculation that if UFOs are ET craft, they may represent something from their world that flies, just as Earthlings developed aircraft based, in part, on birds in flight and rocket-ships based upon arrows flying through the air.

The circular objects known as flying saucers, morphed into UFOs, may have, conjecturally, been created by extraterrestrials who have, in their world, something that is circular and flies.

That alien beings debarking from flying disks have human-like characteristics belies, perhaps, the idea that those beings come from a planet elsewhere.

This opens the door to time-travelers or inter-dimensional beings.

Otherwise the beings seen outside a flying disk/saucer would have some round or circular characteristics, if War of the Worlds’ scriptwriter Lyndon was prescient, which I think he was.


Will ETI Be Space Explorers? Some Cultural Considerations by Michael Ashkenazi

This 1995 paper can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Ashkenazi provides arguments for and against SETI and the possibility (or not) of ET space travel.

Referenced is David Brin’s The Great Silence an extrapolation of Fermi’s paradox.

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